we're redefining what it means to market your services as an online business owner...

by creating a Wholesome Marketing plan...

that extends BEYOND daily content creation.

You love what you do, but you're exhausted from the social media rat race.

You’re feeling consumed with all of the business coaches & Instagram gurus telling you to position your content THIS way, THAT way, UPSIDE down, SIDEWAYS… honestly, it’s just TIRING.

You know that marketing your services is an unavoidable aspect of building a successful business, but does it REALLY have to take up 90% of your workload?

How does that leave time for you to improve your client experience? For continued education? To just BE?

You crave to get off of the daily content hamster wheel, but you’re not really sure how or where to start?

sound familiar?

you're on a fast road to social media burnout...



The drain of daily content creation in hopes that your ideal content will read its entirety, feel the pull, trust the pull, and then finally take the plunge to work with you - ​is hitting its peak capacity.

You're tired.


You've thought about ads, bringing in a social media manager, taking another course, or maybe changing your niche entirely - you're not really sure how to change this cycle, you just know you can't go on forever like this.



Admittedly, you're experiencing difficulty in finishing tasks, focusing on one project at a time, or getting pulled into hours of social media use per day... calling yourself working, yet wondering where the days & months have actually gone.

I used Instagram to build the majority of my business’s income,

but when it began to feel like a complete CHORE to show up each day,

I knew that something had to change.

I saw no other way to break the cycle of 24 hour content dependency than to take an ENTIRE month off of Instagram so that I would be forced to explore other avenues of marketing.

The FREEDOM that happened from developing a WHOLESOME MARKETING plan that kept me accountable to marketing in other ways than Instagram was life changing!!


"Lindsey has an amazing talent for pulling out the best in people and raising them up. I have more confidence in my business model, who my ideal clients are, and the value in what I have to offer."

-Karla, holistic health coach


The wholesome marketing 30-Day Accountability Tracker

the one-page 30-day tracker to extend your marketing strategy beyond daily content creation.

let’s GET DOWN TO Business

With your Wholesome Marketing tracker, we’re going to do TWO things…


by tracking your actions each day and intentionally sharing your services.

Social media marketing isn't going anywhere. That's a fact. But ONLY marketing your business via algorithms is risky business. When you get intentional about sharing your services with your ideal clients beyond social media, you are growing life-long skills that will serve you way beyond the life of any social media platform.

Just imagine..

  • Your business model no longer taking a toll on your mental health, your relationships, or your perspective of the online industry as a whole.

  • Your self-confidence and motivation exponentially increasing from your day to day marketing strategy.

  • Your business being a direct representation of your values and vision.

  • Sustainably growing your business without depending on algorithms alone.

With the 30-Day Accountability Tracker, you will gain...

  • An achievable marketing strategy that goes beyond daily content posting

  • Clarity around what business can and will look like for you when your marketing efforts are streamlined and aligned to your values & vision

  • Confidence in your ability to decrease your time on social media because you have a marketing approach that extends to where your ideal clients are actually taking action


by spending time in the places that matter.

Wholesome marketing is NOT a cookie cutter strategy, that’s why it’s imperative to know what works for you, your business, and your target audience. Every day that you step out of your comfort zone and market your business beyond social media, you are building a long-term growth strategy that's both scaleable and sustainable.

the best part?

It's completely free.

Yep, the wholesome marketing 30-day accountability tracker is completely free.

When you register, you will receive the tracker directly in your email, so that you can make your own copy and start tracking your marketing progress ASAP!

I want you to feel the freedom that comes when you release the dependency on social media content marketing alone.

prioritize genuine connection while increasing your visibility & income.

Get in front of communities of your ideal clients so that you are increasing your reach, visibility, and ultimately your income.

escape the accidental friends & family bubble that's 75% of your audience.

Learn where and how to market your services to YOUR ideal clients

(rather than the bubble of friends, family, and business coaches who may be taking up majority of your audience)


allow your marketing strategy to be simple - without taking another online marketing course.

Expand your marketing efforts using the tracker with 30+ marketing options to choose from without investing thousands into another course or program.

Wholesome marketing is unique to your values, your business, and your vision.

Wholesome marketing is not another cookie-cutter, copy & paste, diluted content strategy.

take control of your marketing strategy.

Nothing changes until YOU change it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is included in the Wholesome Marketing 30-Day Accountability Tracker?

A: The Wholesome Marketing 30-Day Accountability Tracker comes with a printable PDF spreadsheet style tracker that includes 30+ marketing avenues where you can expand your reach and share your services.

Q: How much does Wholesome Marketing cost?

A: Wholesome Marketing 30-Day Accountability Tracker is completely free.

Q: How do I use the tracker?

A: When you receive your email containing the tracker, you will download the tracker or "make a copy" for your drive. From there, you can print a physical copy of the tracker and keep it on your desk so that you can physically "check off" how you marketed each day. If you do not want to print a physical copy, you can also use a document editing service where you can digitally "check off" your marketing activities each day.

Q: Will this tracker work for my business?

A: The Wholesome Marketing Tracker applies to any consultant, e-commerce store, course creator, or other service based business such as online bookkeepers, OBMs, consultants, etc. This tracker is especially for the business owner who has relied mostly on daily content creation and social media presence to promote their services/offers. The reason behind this offer is because so many online business owners rely solely on social media marketing, and our hope is that this tracker will create a marketing strategy that is conducive to their lives, mental health, values, and vision.

Q: Who is Lindsey Badillo, anyways?

A: Lindsey Badillo is a Marketing Coach, Online Course Creator, and Public Speaker. Lindsey's work spans from directing the long-term marketing strategies for online businesses to delivering workshops & trainings to a variety of audiences. Lindsey is the Chief Marketing Coach for a 7-figure business development program, and is currently in the process of self-publishing her first book. Outside of work, Lindsey can be found taking road trips with her family or snuggled on the back deck reading a piece of fiction.

My hope is that through you crafting your own Wholesome Marketing strategy, you can integrate new ways to offer your services & offers while freeing up space, time, and energy for the things and people that you love the most.

-Lindsey Badillo

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